|In my backyard there are many girls- they have colorful dresses and they seem very happy.  They spend the whole day listening to the birds, getting the sunshine and enjoying the seasons. I believe during the evening they play together under the moon and laugh in freedom.

Their dresses are flirty and they dance with the wind….They are named Suli, Catarina, Guto, Amanda and many other childish names. They never will get old or lose the magic of living in a Unicornland….They believe in magic and a life that lasts forever…

That is part of the story of Life at the Unicornland…..

When we are little, our real world mixes with the imaginary and everything is possible – our dolls have life, that Santa, fairies, and elves exist. Most of us have had an imaginary friend who can play with us at all times.
Over time, we are told that all these creatures are just that – imaginary … And we are growing and gradually leaving these “friends” back. We come to believe only what we can see … We become teenagers, adults, parents and we forget these characters.  And then we repeat the same cycle with our children.
That was no different with me … I got married early, and I went onto a successful career, raised my kids and forgot about this connection.
Today I am back to the cycle of life – I am an adult, grandmother and a person who is immensely happy.
I moved a few years ago to the countryside and am in close contact with nature, with my faith (I am not speaking of religion) and with my deep admiration for nature. I am a vegetarian,  I love animals- we have two adopted dogs, an Australian Sheppard, 8 years old, Fiona and Rutherford 4 years old. After raising my children and they left home, our dogs are our babies. They are wonderful creatures and very calm, educated and playful.
The seasons here in Michigan, in our Lodge, are very distinctive and wonderful. We are in the early spring, and I look forward to preparing our garden and fruit trees.
I believe that nature is protected by special creatures – elves, fairies, and gnomes.
I always liked making dolls of all sizes, in fact, I even had a small factory in Brazil where we made small dolls. Today I make life-size dolls to spread them on our 10-acre property.
We now have 16 dolls but I intend to reach 50 and who knows… maybe a 100. They each have a name, a personality, and a mission. They serve to bring back the child that we all have in our hearts and we left behind in the past.
Come visit them, spend a few days at The Lodge and wake up the children that sleep inside you!





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