The Lodge can host up to 11 people confortable , 12 if there is a couple. We have the Blue bedroom  with a Queen bed ,with the bathroom at the hallway, The White bedroom with 4 twin beds and private bathroom, the Brown bedroom with 4 twin beds with a private bathroom with shower and a nice bath. We offer soaps and body scrubs made at The Lodge, Epson salt and soft white towels.

We also have the office room with a day bed where two people sleep very confortable.

From the kitchen we offer- homemade breads, cake, muffins, Jams and lunch or dinner under request. We can cook vegetarian, gluten free. dairy free , Cajun , Brazilian and German cuisine.

When the weather allows we set hammocks, tents and gazebos and a fire pit. Our fireplace keeps us warm in cold day.

The Lodge has two porches , at the back porch you can have dinner and enjoy a glass of wine, coffee and tea. At the front porch just relax and admire nature.


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