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I tried several different recipes to make laundry soap.  Some were too weak, others too liquid and another would leave my clothes harsh. In the end, I  approved two of them. One is powder soap and the other is liquid soap.  Both are very good. My clothes ended up very clean…I didn’t use bleach on the white clothes and they come out very good, and stains were removed.

The recipe I am going to teach you today is the liquid soap. It originally makes 50 quarts of soap, but for the average family, it is too much. So I adapted the recipe for 19 quarts of thick, amazing soap.


250 ml of cold distilled water

167 grams of lye

670 ml of oil new or used

350 ml of alcohol

85 ml of cold water

85 grams of sugar

2 liters of hot water

350 ml of bleach

660 grams of dish detergent transparent or blue

350 grams of laundry soap powder

5 liters of hot water

11 liters of cold water

170 grams of stain remover.

25 drops of essential oil of your preference ( eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender)

Let’s do it-

In a medium plastic bucket place the 250 ml of cold water, and 165 grams of lye. Make sure you protect yourself with gloves, goggles, and long sleeve shirt. Always add the lye to the water and not the opposite, (that can cause fumes).

Leave the mixture aside and let’s go to the next process.

In a large bucket add the oil and the alcohol. Mix well.






In a small pan add the 85 ml of cold water and 85 grams of sugar. Mix well and take to the oven for 3 minutes until the sugar dissolve. Let it cool down.

When the mixture of water and sugar is cold, ad to the mixture of oil and alcohol.

Using the blender, blend until it gets very tick.

Add 2 liters of hot water and mix well.

Add the bleach and continue mixing. The mixture will turn light in color. Keep mixing.

Add the detergent and continue mixing. The mixture will get tick again. Add the 350 grams of the laundry soap and keep mixing every time you add ingredients. Add 5 more liter of hot water and keep mixing. It will smell delicious, thick and perfect.

Now is time to add the 170 ml of stain remover.

Add the last 11 liters of cold water until complete 19 liters.

Fill up your container and let it sit for one week before start using.  If you don’t have a large container what I don’t either, use the empty soap container, bleach container, softener container. I save them all to use in these situations.IF you want to add the essential oil, now is the time for it..

Because we used lye it is better to wait a week to start using the soap.

If you have any doubt, please contact me at thelodgemichigan.com. Also please like us on Instagram.

If you have a great recipe, share with us. I will test it and give you credit.


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