I  have great memories of my childhood when my mom would wash our clothes by hand and will hang it for drying at the clothing line on sunny days. The wind blowing on it would make them dance free under the sun. When we would remove them by the end of the day, they would be soft, and smell so good. I have it still today on my mind.

Back there we didn’t need that many products to make our clothes clean. My grandma would make soap bars from ashes and later. No essential oils were added to the soaps and the clothes still smell good, maybe because of the sunshine.

Nowadays we use so many products for washing our clothes. Laundry detergent, softeners, bleach, stain removers…..Every week something new comes to the market.

I feel good to be back to simplicity and create my recipes as natural as possible. It is a pleasure to share it will my friends here. More and more families are moving back to the countryside, leading a more natural life. I am one of them and happy to live this way. My heart is full of love for nature, animals, God, and family.


1 cup of white vinegar ( 180 ml )
1 tablespoon of washing soda
¼ cup of white alcohol
¼ of a cup of laundry softener
1 quart of water.

Mix the vinegar with the washing soda slowly.
Add the alcohol and the laundry softener and add the water.


Vinegar is great is a softener, washing soda make it whiter and sterilize the clothing. Alcohol intensifies the action of vinegar softening the clothes even more.
The laundry softener is used to give a smell.

Don’t iron your towels as the iron flats it, don’t dry at the sun what makes it even drier.
Using commercial softener create a wax what overtime make the towels harsh.
Use at the same proportion you use a commercial softener.

This recipe is a good option not only for white towels but for any white clothing, replacing the bleach.
Bleach is very chemical and can cause allergies overtime in sensitive people. I always worry about the effect those chemical products have in our health as the clothing and towels get in close contact with our skin.

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