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Join us for this wonderful event!


Banana cake is just so good, especially with a hot coffee. This cake is very soft and moist, so I love to make it for afternoon lunch. It does not take eggs or milk and I use half white flour and half whole flour. I replaced the milk with almond milk. Let’s make it?...

Diet Minute Bread

There is a lack information when we talk about diabetes. We can find some information about the disease but not the diet we must follow to keep our sugar levels at an acceptable range for pre-diabetics and diabetics. When my doctor told me years ago my sugar levels...

Vegan Coconut&walnut Cake

Hey friends! I remember when my kids were small and went to birthday parties I asked them to bring a piece of the cake for me. I am crazy about cakes! I have a sweet tooth and always had. The cake is a celebration for me, any party has the high point at the cake....

Natural Dog Shampoo with Rosemary

Hey friends! We have two rescued dogs- One American bulldog named Rutherford, and one Australian Sheppard- Fiona. They are very well behaved and we treat them as our kids. Rutherford – as the majority ofall bulldog has skin sensitivity and allergies. We feed them with...

Unicornland – My life with the dolls…

  |In my backyard there are many girls- they have colorful dresses and they seem very happy.  They spend the whole day listening to the birds, getting the sunshine and enjoying the seasons. I believe during the evening they play together under the moon and laugh in...

Peanut butter/cinnamon Fido cookie

Hey friends! Its a beautiful, sunny day in Michigan, chilly and beautiful in my paradise and I am in my kitchen making dog cookies. I decided to make cookies for my fur babies so I can make sure there are no harmful chemicals and they have something delicious to eat. ...

Wax to polish metals

Hey friends! Looking at magazines, I feel attracted to pictures of the boho style. Apart from colors, jewelry, and fringe bags, what is really Boho style? Boho style is colorful and attractive and often introduced as a modification of hippie style. But more than the...

Natural Laundry soap for white clothes.

I  have great memories of my childhood when my mom would wash our clothes by hand and will hang it for drying at the clothing line on sunny days. The wind blowing on it would make them dance free under the sun. When we would remove them by the end of the day, they...

Natural Laundry soap

Hey friends! I tried several different recipes to make laundry soap.  Some were too weak, others too liquid and another would leave my clothes harsh. In the end, I  approved two of them. One is powder soap and the other is liquid soap.  Both are very good. My clothes...


The White Room

The White Room

The Brown Room

The Brown Room

The White Room

The White Room

The Blue Room

The Blue Room

The Blue Room

The Blue Room

The Brown Room

The Brown Room

The RV

Enjoy a bohemian Gypsy experience! Stay at our RV and admire nature. Overlooking the trees and the pound , under the stars.

It has one bedroom with a queen bed, one bathroom,  living room , dinning room and a small kitchen with refrigerator and microwave.

It  also has air conditioner, heat, wifi , coffee maker and appetizers. We offer toiletries, blow dryer , towels and sheets.


I lived in many countries, and The Lodge is a piece is a composition os this experience, beside that this is not just a B&B, this is our home, and I strive to offer the best.

Marla Abbott

TheLodge Michigan

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