Hi Friends!

As you already know I am crazy about natural products! I love the idea of protecting my house and my loved ones from dangerous chemical products.

There are many options for commercial cleaning products but regardless of how ‘green’ their labels appear, I am concerned about the harsh chemical names listed on the back label.

We have two dogs, so we worry about their safety as some products are poisonous.  On top of all these concerns, making our own natural cleaning products means saving money as well!

I tested a new recipe for a natural cleaning product on my laminate flooring and was surprised by the results. I would like to share it with you!


1 quart of water

1/2 cup of vinegar

1/3 cup of alcohool

5 drops of dish detergent

15 drops of essential oil. I like tea tree or eucalyptus.  (You also can use lavender oil which is anti-bacterial. Orange and green tea are excellent for reducing the vinegar smell.)

You can mix one cup of the above recipe into two quarts of warm water.

Apply with a damp cloth to a clean floor and let dry for the best shine.


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