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Meet Marla

An entrepreneur by profession, an artist by heart. That is how I define myself.
I love colors, tons of it – surrounding me in my art and my home. I love animals and Iam vegetarian.
The Lodge-MI is our paradise we feel proud to share with our Guests.
Larry and I were looking for a house for over a year and had visited 100 of them until find the one. I knew this was THE ONE. Surrounded by trees, nature, animals and silence, this was the perfect place. All the seasons are unique and special. Our Peaceful path is perfect for a walk and meditation. In the summer we have many kind of berries, and flowers. The leaves are gorgeous in the fall and there are nuts and apples all around the property. Winter is cuddling weather – especially when the wood stove is keeping things warm inside while the land is covered with snow outside. Spring time is magical as the animals return to their busy schedule and the forest comes more alive day by day.
Since 2016 we had hosted hundreds of people and we have shared food, friendships and happy times with all. We sincerely welcome you to our home – our slice of Paradise. We hope you, too, can feel the positive energy and peace that abounds here….adding to it during your stay, and taking some with you when you return to your day to day activities!

Meet Larry 

I’m as comfortable on a farm as I am in a Board Room – I’ve lived both lives at one time or another. Most of my career has been spent in Corporate America until I met Marla. The first time I saw Marla was in a Coffee Shop and she took my breath away. She still does to this day.
I’m a “Vegetarian in training”. I still have my training wheels on but doing my best. Sometimes my diet includes foods that are not strictly on the “approved” list – but let’s just keep that be between us! Shhhh….don’t tell Marla!
I’m more “Football” than “Yoga” but I share a love for Nature and animals with Marla. We both highly value harmony, peace and positive energy and try to nurture those qualities here.
I love to cook and I love to feed everyone who comes to visit us here at the Lodge-MI. We hope you will enjoy your stay here. It is our sincere wish that the Lodge-MI feeds your heart and soul…and we feed your belly!

Meet Fiona 

It only seems right to start with Fiona – a beautiful Australian Sheppard – as she is probably the one who you will meet first, enthusiastically greeting you at the door. We adopted her when she was 4 years old.  She thinks every guest of the Lodge-MI has come to be her new best friend and personal masseuse. Fiona’s favorite things are to run outside, lick snow in the winter and keep her brother, Rutherford in check. She is extremely intelligent and inquisitive.


Meet Rutherford

Where to even begin…a muscular English bulldog full of personality and very friendly. He takes a while to warm up, but after a while he will become your best friend for life. He runs the show…when he isn’t sleeping. You’ll notice his paws are a bit…unique….. and probably the reason he was given to the Humane Society but that just made us fall head over heels in love with him when we adopted him. He loves to chase your shoes, and sleep a lot.

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